Sneeze leaks-safe

Feeling alone but far from alone.

50% of all women experience incontinence at some point in life, but still, the feeling of loneliness is often mentioned when women share their experiences.

It's time we get our incontinence facts straights, once and for all. Because we can't destigmatize urine leakage in the blink of an eye, but we can start by spreading some knowledge. And that's a real good start. Because in fact, you're far from alone.

Incontinence - the definition
The inability to control the flow of urine, resulting in unintentional leakage.

There are several different types of incontinence, stress urinary incontinence and urge urinary incontinence being the most common ones.

Stress urinary incontinence
Leakage during activities that increase abdominal pressure, e.g., coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising.

Urge urinary incontinence
The sudden and intense urge to urinate, followed by leakage.

Urine incontinence is still heavily stigmatized, causing leaking women to feel both shame, embarrassment and loneliess. 

40% of women experience incontinence during pregnancy.
50% of women between 40 and 60 experience incontinence.
75% of women over 75 experience incontinence.

The solutions available today simply don't cut it. Why? Because they fail on meeting the needs of the women who use them.

And the problems mentioned by leaking women are many:
- Poor odour control.
- Not feeling dry and fresh.
- Having to change protection too often.

It's time for a solution to urine leakage that empowers women to keep going and live their lives to the fullest. That's why we made a panty that makes you feel confident. And that will take care of your sneeze-leaks for up to 10 hours.

"It really feels like forward thinking. It's great for the environment that panties can be reused. For the girls of tomorrow!"

-Jenny, 37

Wear, wash and wear again

To make your period-proof underwear last longer, wash it with care. Just follow these three simple steps.


Rinse in cold water


Machine wash at max 40°C or hand wash with a mild detergent. Use a laundry bag to give your panties some extra love and care. Don’t use softener.


Hang to dry, skip the dryer.