What materials are nursing pads made of?

Our nursing pads are designed to keep you comfy and dry with an innovative built-in protection in the padding – Engineered Leak Tech™. A patented and completely leak-proof solution with five layers that are bonded together:

  1. A wicking layer that efficiently transports the liquid to the absorbent layer and keeps the surface in contact with the nipple and breast dry. 100% polyester

  2. An absorbent layer that holds the liquid secure, with an anti-odour and antimicrobial treatment. 87% polyester, 13% polyamide

  3. An absorbent foam that adjusts to the shape of the breast, providing high comfort and extra absorbency. 100% polyurethane

  4. A leak resistant barrier that prevents any leakage of body fluids, while still being breathable. 100% polyurethane

  5. An anti-slip finish that keeps the pad in place during movement. 64% elastane, 36 % polyamide