Bodywear for menopause

Right now, one billion women are navigating the transformative journey of menopause. And in the midst of change, we stand with you.  

Our mission is simple: to address women’s real needs. And with menopause being historically overlooked, it’s time to put the menopausal phase in focus.

Hot flushes are the most common symptom, affecting 86% of women. That’s why we’ve engineered menopausal bodywear that goes beyond fabric. Clothes that adapt to regulate temperature, ensuring you remain comfortable and confident through this new stage of life.

Introducing our groundbreaking menopause clothing and nightwear, where timeless design meets innovative Anti-Flush™ technology. These garments are engineered to provide you with comfort and confidence as you navigate your unique menopausal experience.

About our products

Engineered Anti-Flush™ Tank Top
This versatile top is designed to make you feel cool and comfortable, even during the most intense hot flushes.  

Engineered Anti-Flush™ Boxer Short Leg
Our Anti-Flush™ Boxer will provide optimal comfort and support where you need it the most.

Engineered Anti-Flush™ Tee
Slip into the Anti-Flush™ Tee, your ultimate companion for both day and night wear.

Engineered Anti-Flush™ Sleep Tee
The Anti-Flush™️ Sleep Tee is your go-to nightwear during the menopausal phase.

"These clothes made me feel fresh despite hot flushes!"

Jeanette A, 56

Talking menopause with Lena

Menopause is no one-size-fits-all journey. For some, it’s a the most challenging time in life. Others breeze through quite easily. But it’s through real stories that we can find recognition.

Our aim is to create a space where all the nuances are allowed. Real experiences. Real needs. Real solutions.