How to talk to your teen about periods

Did you know that 48% of young people feel embarrassed by their period? We say: No more. The first step in helping to fight period shame? Talking about it.

Talking about periods with teenagers gives them a better understanding of their body and what’s to come. Here are some tips on how to talk about menstruation with your teen:

Normalise the topic
Having your period is a natural part of life. Make sure to treat it as any other topic that you would talk openly about.

Keep it honest and simple
Explain the basics and what to expect. How often it happens, how long it lasts, what it might feel like. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t have all the answers either, but you can learn together.

Address emotional aspects
Acknowledge that menstruation can bring up new feelings of nervousness, confusion, irritation, and sadness, and that this is totally okay.

Call it what it is
Shark week, aunt flow, code red - these euphemisms send the message that periods shouldn’t be mentioned in public settings. Let's call it what it is: period or menstruation.

Think about your own period talk
Children pick up on subtleties in your language and how you talk about your own experiences with other adults. So be mindful of how you talk about it – regardless of who you’re talking to.

Be mindful of period jokes
Humour is a great way to connect, but making fun of period experiences or ironically linking behaviour to puberty can do more harm than good. Have an honest conversation instead.

Make periods easy
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