How do I know when to change period underwear?

Our period panties don't work the same way as disposable tampons or pads do, so you don't normally change them during the day. Our most absorbent period panty can hold up to 50 ml, which is a very large amount of blood - most women bleed 35 ml on average during their period.

Just choose the absorbency level that meets your individual needs (or a higher one if you want to feel extra safe). Then wear the panties for the whole day - or night.

Over time, you’ll get to know how your period panties deal with your own unique flow, and how you can adapt the absorbency level for different days of your cycle. Here are some signs to look out for, so that you know what level you need:

  • The weight of the gusset: the heavier it is, the fuller it is

  • The amount of blood traces you see on the wicking layer (the layer closest to the skin)

  • The stiffness: if the gusset is full, it might feel a bit stiff, as well as thicker than when freshly-washed

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