How period underwear works

Our period-proof panties are a trustworthy companion in your everyday life. They absorb menstruation blood, prevent leaks, control smell and wick moisture. So you can stay comfy and dry through both lighter and heavier days.

Our period-proof panties have integrated menstrual protection and can be worn for up to 10 hours. Then you rinse them, wash them and wear them again and again. Thanks to the Engineered Leak Tech™, the panties can absorb blood while keeping you dry, comfy and odour-free.

Our period-proof underwear are engineered to replace disposable products and menstrual cups completely. They come in a great variation of styles, colors and absorbency levels, making it easy for you to find your perfect match. Our highest absorbency level (Super) can hold up to 50 ml of blood which equals about 5 tampons’ worth. Additional protection is never needed – you can trust the panties to do the job.

How much blood can the period underwear hold?

Our period-proof underwear come in different absorbency levels, much like disposable menstrual products: 

5 ml Mini ≈ ½ tampon/panty liner

10 ml Light ≈ 1 tampon/pad 

20 ml Medium ≈ 2 tampons/pads 

30 ml Mid-high ≈ 3 tampons/pads 

40 ml High ≈ 4 tampons/ pads 

50 ml Super ≈ 5 tampons/ pads 

Engineered period-proof panties

Engineered Leak Tech™

1. Wicking layer Draws away body fluids and dries quickly. 2. Absorbent & anti-odour Absorbs, capsules liquids, and blocks odour-causing bacteria. 3. Leak-resistant barrier Leak-resistant, carefully developed so you can feel safe, while you bleed.

Engineered Leak Tech™Absorbency AreaWicking layer100% polyesterLeak-resistant barrier100% polyurethaneAbsorbent & anti-odour87% polyester, 13% polyamide

Wear, wash and wear again. And again.

Washing our period panty is easy. And yes, you can wash your period panties with the rest of your clothes.


Rinse in cold water.


Wash in 40° C. Skip the softener.


Hang to dry.