A heart-to-heart

Talking menopause with Lena

Tell us about your menopause journey?
Menopause hit me with a mix of confusion and change. The lack of energy, the unfamiliar reactions - it’s like discovering a new version of yourself!

Managing heavy bleeding and intense cramps at 57 was challenging, I’m not gonna lie. But thankfully, there are great communities out there. I found a podcast that helped me a lot.

Sharing the experiences, with friends as well as hearing other women’s stories, was key in my journey. It gave me support, connection and strength.

What’s the best thing about menopause?
Not dealing with periods is incredibly freeing. Reconnecting with yourself, accepting the changes, and finding tranquility in the new normal. That can be a powerful thing leaving you stronger on the other side.

Do you have any menopause hacks?
Exercise. Boring advice, I know, but it helps! Find something you enjoy. For me, it’s dancing and Zumba.

Also, managing hot flashes during workouts by focusing on breathing has been a savior for me.

Menopause is no one-size-fits-all journey. For some, it’s a the most challenging time in life. Others breeze through quite easily. But it’s through real stories that we can find recognition.

Our aim is to create a space where all the nuances are allowed. Real experiences. Real needs. Real solutions.