A period-proof story with Emma Fridsell

Emma is fantastic. Her bright enthusiasm and incredible outlook on life won us over the first time we met her. And as a curious person, Emma was open to trying out the period-proof underwear, especially as they claimed to make life easier for women. The quick take on her thoughts? Not only are they super innovative – they do make life easier. Read on for her full story. And join her on Instagram as she makes her way through her days @emmafridsell

Tell us about your average day.
I wake up, have a coffee, go to the gym or for a jog, go to school, eat lunch, more school, study, head off to another job, and maybe have a glass of wine with a friend. Then back home for dinner and more studying.

What’s your current work in the world?
I’m studying to be a journalist. I work as a social media consultant and influencer, and also put in a few hours at Acne Studios.

Exercise (CrossFit, working out at the gym, jogging), sailing, skiing, journalism, reading.

Tell us about your ideal weekend.
I spend most of my weekends these days working. If not, I love vintage shopping.

Why were you interested in trying out Female Engineering’s period panties?
I want to advance and promote our right as women to live a life of ease – a less limited existence.

When have you worn the panties?
On a daily basis. And when I exercise.

Which absorption level is your go-to?
Mini - the thinnest.

During your period, do you use these panties on their own or with additional protection? On their own.

What’s the best part about these period panties?
That I can forget I’m wearing them.

Any time you wouldn’t wear them?

"I never doubt them or feel self-conscious when I’ve got them on."

What is “female liberation” to you? How do you work to liberate the female in your life?
I won’t even try to define the term since I am not at all an expert. I can say that in my everyday life, I try to encourage others to dress for themselves – not for anyone else. That is one way I approach liberation. A person shouldn’t dress to please others or even really consider the opinions of others. The only opinion that matters is their own.

Do you trust these period-proof underwear? Do you feel protected?
I definitely trust them, and I do feel protected. That’s the beauty of it all. I never doubt them or feel self-conscious when I’ve got them on.

Are you interested in any of the techy aspects, like how the underwear actually work?
I wish I was, but honestly, I’m not. My attention span is just not long enough.

Daily routines?
Skincare and exercise are both my non-negotiable daily routines.

You live an active life. Do these panties cover you, whatever you’re getting up to?
Yes I do, and yes they do. That’s why we’re a perfect match.

Do you feel fresh/clean when you wear the panties? Is that possible?
Yes and yes. Simple as that.

"I would love all women to try these out, to understand the freedom they provide."

What do you prioritize in your purchasing decisions – especially with clothing?
The quality of an item is almost always the first thing I evaluate. When I go vintage shopping, I start out by feeling my way through the racks. Once I feel a quality item, I then look at the color, texture, and fit. I prioritize high quality for a very simple reason: natural, good-quality materials are the most sustainable ones. They last. These underwear definitely pass the test.

Would you ever buy a friend a pair of these panties as a gift?
100%! I would love all women to try these out, to understand the freedom they provide.

What did you know about period panties before trying these out?
Almost nothing. I’d heard the word once or twice, but that only made me think of bloody panties – a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Do they feel like a quality product when you have them on?
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: YES and YES. As simple as that. Honestly, they really do feel like they’ll last, making them worth the extra money.

When do the panties offer extra-great protection?
When I exercise.

What do you normally wear during your period?

Emmas favorites

Emma wears the period-proof thong with mini (5 ml) absorption when she exercises. Not only is it period proof – she loves how it absorbs sweat and normal discharge. She loves big underwear, so also wears the comfy boxer shorts (which offer a higher absorption level).