Meet some of the women behind the brand

We believe in females rights to do and become what they want without any drawback because of their biological function. That’s why Female Engineering was created – to make everyday life for women better by finding solutions to real needs.

Meet some of the brilliant women behind Female Engineering.

Charlotta Levin
Brand Area Manager

  • Business developer and brand strategist

  • 25 years international experience in the fashion and femtech apparel industry

  • Curious at heart with a holistic mindset, passionate about making a difference for people and planet

"The biological functions of the female body come with a lot of stigma and hassle, and the innovation rate for women's real needs is far too slow. We are here to change that."

Charlotta Levin

Unn Greijer
Product Innovation Manager

  • Product innovation expert

  • 25 years international experience in the fashion industry and product development

  • Creative and multi-talented, passionate and entrepreneurial at heart, innovative and solution driven

"Our product innovation is at the core of Female Engineering. Creating solutions that are needed but not available yet might seem impossible, but for me it's all possible."

Unn Greijer

Solgun Drevik
Strategic Lead Femtech

  • Femcare and innovation expert

  • Has over 70 filed patents globally

  • A true creator, inventor and problem solver who never stops exploring new ideas and solutions

"For me, everything comes down to people and their unmet needs. Cutting-edge technology, science and innovation - that's how we create the solution. "

Solgun Drevik