How to wash period underwear

Our period-proof underwear are engineered to replace disposable menstrual products entirely. The panties are tested to last for at least 50 washes. This means that if a pair is worn once per menstruation cycle, it will last for four years. Helping you lead a more sustainable life, for you and for Mother Earth.

Wear, wash and wear again

To make your period-proof underwear last longer, wash it with care. Just follow these three simple steps.


Rinse in cold water


Machine wash at max 40°C or hand wash with a mild detergent. Use a laundry bag to give your panties some extra love and care. Don’t use softener.


Hang to dry, skip the dryer.

  • We believe that good things should last for a long time, and our period panties are made to last for at least 50 washes. So if your underwear is worn and washed once per menstrual cycle, they will last for around four years – which is way above industry standards.

    The lifespan of a pair of panties is determined by the Engineered Leak Tech™. The antibacterial and anti-odour treatment of the Engineered Leak Tech™ tends to lose a little bit of effectiveness after 50 washes. The absorbing function itself though is likely to last longer, as well as the fabric, form and fit.

  • Handle your period-proof panties with care and they will last for a long time. But it’s not that complicated: the only additional step you need to take, compared to washing your regular underwear, is the pre-rinsing.

    After you’ve worn them, rinse the panties and then wash at max 40°C, or hand wash with a mild detergent. You can wash them together with other garments. Fabric softener should be avoided, as should the tumble-dryer. We recommend that you use a separate laundry bag to give your panties some extra care. Period underwear love fresh air and prefer to be hung up to dry.

  • We recommend you wash your period underwear at 40°C, as it will help them last longer while maintaining the function and performance of the underwear. The layers in the gusset of the underwear are treated with an anti-odour and antimicrobial treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria. This means that you can wash your period underwear in cooler temperatures and still keep them clean and hygienic. 

  • Sometimes life happens, and there's just no way to get everything done the way you planned. But no worries. If you can’t wash your panties immediately, just rinse them right after use and hang them up to dry. After that, just put them in your laundry basket along with your other clothes and wash them when it suits you.

    We recommend that you use a separate laundry bag to give your panties some extra care. A good idea is to put your panties in our stylish on-the-go pouch, on-the-go pouch, made of water-repellant material, until you wash them.

  • Your panties won’t be harmed if they happen to end up in the dryer once or twice. But with that said, repeated tumble drying will reduce the performance and structure of the underwear. So do your best to avoid it – your panties will thank you!