Pantyliner Mini Absorbency - Hiphugger AERY™

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Absorbency level:
Holds up to:
1/2 tampon/panty liner
Material:Recycled Polyamide Blend
Available colours:
Available sizes:
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Tested and proven high-performance period panties, made to keep your periods and sneeze leaks safe. Our AERY™ design is ultra-thin, quick-drying and breathable, which makes it perfect to wear on hot summer days or during a workout. This style has an absorbency level of “mini” – meaning that the built-in protection in the gusset can absorb up to half a tampon/ one pantyliner’s worth. Wear it for up to 10 hours: then rinse it, wash it, and wear it again and again.

Composition:86% POLYAMIDE 14% ELASTANE

Recycled Polyamide Blend

  • Absorbency level: Mini. Absorbs up to half a tampon or a panty liner’s worth
  • Carbon footprint: 1,3 kg CO2e/garment. (Calculated for biggest size and print)
  • Regular waist
  • AERY™
  • Breathable, odour- and leak-proof absorbent gusset
  • Made with a breathable recycled polyamide blend
  • Made to replace traditional period protection
  • Engineered Leak Tech™
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® HK020 200945
  • Supplier: Bodyline (Private) Limited. Factory: Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd Plant 1. Address: Pimbura, Agalawattha, Mathugarna, Sri Lanka

Washing instructions:

  • Machine wash 40°
  • After use, rinse in cold water

Treated with an OEKO-TEX certified antimicrobial substance (silver copper zeolite) in order to limit the growth of bacteria and reduce odour.

Engineered Leak Tech™

Our underwear is a science-based innovation designed to keep you dry and comfy during your menstruation. The secret is the Engineered Leak Tech™ - a patented technology consisting of three active layers, each featuring a specific function. The result? A life-changing, cutting-edge underwear made to simplify life for each and every person with a female body. 1. Wicking layer Draws away body fluids and dries quickly. 2. Absorbent & anti-odour Absorbs, capsules liquids, and blocks odour-causing bacteria. 3. Leak-resistant barrier Leak-resistant, carefully developed to leave you and your clothes stain-free.

Engineered Leak Tech™Absorbency AreaWicking layer100% polyesterLeak-resistant barrier100% polyurethaneAbsorbent & anti-odour87% polyester, 13% polyamide

Wear, wash and wear again

To make your period-proof underwear last longer, wash it with care. Just follow these three simple steps.


Rinse in cold water


Machine wash at max 40°C or hand wash with a mild detergent. Use a laundry bag to give your panties some extra love and care. Don’t use softener.


Hang to dry, skip the dryer.