How can period panties prevent leakage?

Our period-proof underwear is designed to keep you comfy and dry with an innovative built-in protection in the gusset - the patented Engineered Leak Tech™. It’s a completely leak-proof solution with three layers:

  1. A wicking layer that efficiently transports the blood to the absorbent layer and keeps the surface in contact with the body dry.

  2. An absorbent layer that holds the blood securely and undetectably, with an anti-odour and antimicrobial treatment.

  3. And finally, a barrier layer that prevents any leakage of body fluids, while still being breathable.

In addition, our period underwear has a perfected fit that lets the Engineered Leak Tech™ work its magic. The fit hugs your body, securing the position of the underwear and making sure that the gusset stays in its place.