A visit behind the scenes

Outdoor adventurer and digital creator Hildur Karlsson is one of our long-term ambassadors at Female Engineering. Knowing the curious soul that she is, we invited her to visit Bodyline during her trip to Sri Lanka – our state-of-the-art partner that makes our high-performance period panties. And as with everything else in life, Hildur did it wholeheartedly.

This is Hildur’s story.

Female Engineering and their unbelievable period panties have been a natural part of my life for some time, and I was happy to get the chance to see first-hand where and how they are made. For me, this was my first step behind the scenes of the textile industry that I think many of us have learned can be a rough place. I was relieved and happy when I found something completely different – a place of change, curiosity, innovation, and great people.

“I learned that every little detail matters.”

Piece by piece, they put together what then becomes the amazing panty that sits on my hip every month. And it’s not about creating new things, and then persuading people to want them. It’s about contributing to women’s wellbeing and a passion to create, inspire and be the change you want to see. That is what I personally feel that Female Engineering stands for.

I learned about Bodyline’s plans for the future. Their goals within product innovation and sustainability, and how they support and engage with the local community. I had many questions during my visit, and I always got a detailed answer from the people who work there. I get why Female Engineering talk about Bodyline as such an important partner.

Thank you, Female Engineering, for making me a part of your journey and for even making my menstruation less boring. Now if you’ll excuse me. Me and my period panties are off on our next adventure.

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