Meet our supplier

Behind every single one of our products, there is science, innovation, and attention to detail. And we choose our partners carefully. Our supplier MAS Holdings in Sri Lanka is a key manufacturing partner for us – simply because they are the best.

Within MAS is a number of suppliers who produce the majority of our products. We have Bodyline that produce our high-performance period panties, Silueta that make our micro top and Intimo that we work with on our menopause range.  

What makes MAS the best? 
MAS are state-of-the-art and they always aim higher than industry standards. In what they do: the components and their materials, as well as how they do it: their processes and their protocols.  

MAS aspire to be changemakers and are recognised in their long-term commitment for people, their community, and the environment. On their quest to change things for the better, they have ambitious goals on emissions, chemicals, water, biodiversity, working conditions and gender equality, in their own Plan of Change. 

MAS has 13 000 employees across several facilities in Sri Lanka and India, and the majority of the workforce is female. They hold a ‘Garments without guilt’ certification issued by the Sri Lankan JAAF (Joint Apparel Association Forum), for their dedication to ethical working conditions for its employees. The lowest salary for a MAS seamstress if more than three times higher than the minimum wage in Sri Lanka.  

A visit behind the scenes 
Outdoor adventurer and digital creator Hildur Karlsson is one of our long-term ambassadors at Female Engineering. Knowing the curious soul that she is, we invited her to visit Bodyline during her trip to Sri Lanka. And as with everything else in life, Hildur did it wholeheartedly. This is her story.

Do you work with any other suppliers than MAS? 
MAS is our main manufacturing partner, but we also work in small collaborations with few other suppliers. Like Svenska Krämfabriken for our intimate care and SH Style for our accessories. On our site, you can always find the name of the supplier in the detailed product information for each product we sell.  

Can you tell us more about how you work with sustainability at Female Engineering? 
Female Engineering is a femtech brand by Lindex. This means that everything we do, is in line with Lindex’s sustainability work. You can read more about how Lindex works with sustainability here.