How to build your teen's period panty wardrobe

Do you have a teenager or a pre-teen at home that just started or is about to start their period? Are you unsure of what kind of period protection to get them?

Unn Greijer, the Product Innovation Manager at Female Engineering, will walk you through how to build the perfect period wardrobe for your teenager.

Where do I start?
Our period panties are perfect – they can be worn all day long, without changing. They stay in place and keep the wearer safe. Period panties don’t move around, such as maybe disposables would do. So they keep your teen safer from leakage. And also, they're invisible. As the absorption part is integrated in the panty – it’s not shown from the outside.

How many period panties do teens need?
I would say they need minimum three period panties. Maybe two for the day, the second one as a backup if they need to change - for example if they had a gym class. And the last one is for the night of course. Our 3-pack is the perfect start kit.

If you want to really maximise their period wardrobe, I would dearly recommend our new Teen Boxer Super. This one is amazing, where we have really secured any risk of leakage with an extended gusset in the front and the back. It’s also a spotless solution for when your teenager wakes up in the morning.

What else do they need?
We've launched an incredible product that has been asked for since day one, when we launched the period panty, and that is the Teens Swimwear Period Proof - Bikini panty.

Your teenager can wear it during swim class or at the beach. And it’s a worry-free option for sure.

How can the products be stored?
Another great product that we have developed is our Engineered On-the-go Pouch. It’s leak-proof, which means that it’s perfect when they’re on the go and need to store either their unused period panties, in wait for a change, or their used panties.

How are Teen Period Panties different from adult ones?
The Female Engineering period panties for teens are developed to perfectly fit young people’s needs and cover all the safety areas. Firstly, the fit is different because of their anatomy. As their bodies are not as matured as adults – they don’t require the same gusset width or length. Secondly, they also need a narrower gusset, to avoid folding – which would lead to a higher risk of leakage.

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