What happens in the body during puberty?

Going through puberty is a transformative time in life – and it's more than just periods. Here are some of the things that happen in the body during puberty.

Budding breasts is often the first sign of puberty. This typically happens 1.5-3 years before the first period. Body fat is also redistributed to the hips during this time.

Body hair
About 6 months after breasts start to develop, pubic hair begins to grow. Within 2 years, teens also get armpit hair due to increased testosterone levels. This happens for all genders.

Emotional impact
Physical and hormonal changes in the body have vast impact on teens. Lower energy levels, pain, nausea, irritability and changes in appearance; like acne and weight gain, lead to heightened emotional states.

First period
Most teens get their first period between ages 11-14, but it can also happen earlier or later. Cycles tend to be irregular during the first two years of periods.

Changes to female anatomy
Besides bleeding, teens will develop larger uterus, labia and ovarian size. They can also experience clear or white discharge.

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