Maternity underwear

Whether you’re in need of supportive pregnancy underwear or postpartum period-panties, we got you covered. Our innovative maternity line works hard to provide comfort when your body needs it the most.

  • Our washable nursing pads are developed to absorb excess liquid between breast feedings. Since we believe in pleasing all mothers (Mother Earth included) our pads are reusable, just like our period panties. They provide comfortable protection while also being discreet, and they are guaranteed to stay put – so that you can stay worry free.

  • Our engineered nursing pads are the perfect solution for breastfeeding mothers who need protection from accidental leaks, day or night. Carefully moulded into a natural-looking shape, and treated with a Lycra anti-slip finish, the pads are designed to stay in place and provide you with leak-proof confidence around the clock. With the ability to absorb up to 30 ml of breast milk you can wear them up to 10 hours before washing.

    If you need to change your nursing pads when you are on the go, we recommend that you use the On-the-go Pouch to keep the pads safe until you are able to wash them.

  • Handle your nursing pads with care and they will last for a long time. After you’ve worn them, rinse the pads and then hand wash at max 40°C. Avoid using fabric softener as well as the tumble-dryer. Instead, hang them to dry in the fresh air.

"Every breastfeeding mother in the world should have these. End of discussion!”

-Emelie L, 33