Period-proof swimwear, like your favourite swimwear, but with built-in protection to keep your periods and sneeze leaks safe. Made with attention to details, patented technology and thoroughly tested, so you can make waves without worries.

No more staying in, because you bleed. No more keeping track of your tampon string when enjoying a day on the beach. Those days are over. Now you can just sun, bleed, swim and repeat.

How to use


Our period-proof swimwear is ideal as standalone protection for days with low to moderate flow, or as backup protection on heavier flow days.


No instructions here. Just make those waves without worries.

Rinse and repeat.

It’s no secret – the gusset that is designed to absorb your period and other body fluids, will absorb water as well. After swim, rinse the swimwear until the water runs clear and gentle squeeze out excess water. Then you just wear it again, and again.