Menopause clothing

Introducing our groundbreaking menopause clothing and nightwear, where timeless design meets innovative Anti-Flush™ technology. Specifically designed for a body in change, these garments are made to offer you comfort and confidence as you navigate your unique menopausal experience.

"These clothes made me feel fresh despite hot flushes!"

Jeanette A, 56

How does menopause clothes work?

  • Our menopause clothing is specifically designed to keep you comfortable and dry during the menopausal phase. Incorporating a unique combination of complex yarns and the science based patented solution - Anti-Flush™ Technology, here's how it works:

    1.       As the body releases heat, the fabric will absorb and store the heat.

    2.     The fabric wicks away moisture and cools the skin, reducing the impact of hot flushes and sweats.

    3.     During post-flush chill the fabric releases the heat back to the skin.

    4.     The body temperature is regulated, keeping you fresh all day and night.

  • Our menopause clothing utilizes patented Anti-Flush™ Technology to provide relief from hot flushes and night sweats during menopause. When worn close to the skin, this innovative technology effectively reduces hot flushes and ensures optimal comfort.

  • Sportswear with moisture wicking features isn’t as effective for hot flushes. It´s because sportswear is not designed to manage hot flush perspiration. During a workout heat is evenly distributed during a longer session, whereas menopausal hot flushes involve intense heat and focused sweating for shorter durations.

    Our menopause clothing has been specifically developed for this short-term rise and cool in temperature — managing the whole cycle from hot sweats to post-flush chills.

  • Absolutely! Our Engineered Anti-Flush™ Tee and Anti-Flush™ Tank Top are versatile options suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear.