Period-proof underwear - Teen

Let’s boost our youngsters with some period confidence, with period proof underwear that gives them the freedom to be themselves. Our Teen line provides ultimate comfort and protection for medium to heavy flows.

"Now I can attend gym class without worrying about menstruation."

-Jasmine N, 12
  • Our period-proof panties are designed to keep your periods and sneeze leaks safe. But unlike disposable period products such as tampons and pads, you wear period panties again and again. Just like your regular underwear. A win for you, and for Mother Nature.

  • Our period-proof underwear is washable and can be used again. And again. We recommend starting with 3-5 pairs: that way, you’re covered for an entire menstruation cycle without having to do too much laundry. But every person is unique, with individual flow levels and laundry facilities. So, you can always start with 1-2 pairs to complement your usual protection. That‘s a good way to ease into using a new product - and to find out what works best for you.

  • Our period panties don't work the same way as disposable tampons or pads do, so you don't normally change them during the day. Our most absorbent period panty can hold up to 50 ml, which is a very large amount of blood - most women bleed 35 ml on average during their period.

    Just choose the absorbency level that meets your individual needs (or a higher one if you want to feel extra safe). Then wear the panties for the whole day - or night.

    Over time, you’ll get to know how your period panties deal with your own unique flow, and how you can adapt the absorbency level for different days of your cycle. Here are some signs to look out for, so that you know what level you need:

    • The weight of the gusset: the heavier it is, the fuller it is

    • The amount of blood traces you see on the wicking layer (the layer closest to the skin)

    • The stiffness: if the gusset is full, it might feel a bit stiff, as well as thicker than when freshly-washed

  • It’s science, period. Our period-proof underwear absorbs menstruation blood, prevents leaks, controls odour and wicks moisture. The secret is Engineered Leak Tech™ - patented three-layer technology with built-in protection placed in the gusset of the underwear.

  • Being female should be hassle-free. That’s why we offer a free trial for 45 days when you buy our period underwear for the first time. Just contact our customer service, tell us about your reasons for wanting to return the product, and we’ll refund you - just like that.

    Please note that the trial warranty only applies when you try a product for the first time.

Wear, wash and wear again

To make your period-proof underwear last longer, wash it with care. Just follow these three simple steps.


Rinse in cold water


Machine wash at max 40°C or hand wash with a mild detergent. Use a laundry bag to give your panties some extra love and care. Don’t use softener.


Hang to dry, skip the dryer.

Engineered Leak Tech™

Our underwear is a science-based innovation designed to keep you dry and comfy during your menstruation. The secret is the Engineered Leak Tech™ - a patented technology consisting of three active layers, each featuring a specific function. The result? A life-changing, cutting-edge underwear made to simplify life for each and every person with a female body. 1. Wicking layer Draws away body fluids and dries quickly. 2. Absorbent & anti-odour Absorbs, capsules liquids, and blocks odour-causing bacteria. 3. Leak-resistant barrier Leak-resistant, carefully developed to leave you and your clothes stain-free.

Engineered Leak Tech™Absorbency AreaWicking layer100% polyesterLeak-resistant barrier100% polyurethaneAbsorbent & anti-odour87% polyester, 13% polyamide