How to choose period-proof panties

This guide covers everything you need to find your perfect period panties.

✓ Discover your favourite fit
✓ Identify your suitable absorption level
✓ Find the right size for your body
✓ Explore a range of colours to express your personal style

Let's get started on choosing your perfect period panties!

1. Find your panty style

Discover your perfect panty style from our extensive range, whether you prefer briefs, boxers, or nearly invisible design.

High Waist
The sky is the limit with these high-waisted heroines. Always stretchy and never clingy, this style will ensure all-day comfort and style.

The ever-so-popular Hiphugger is a tried-and-true undie essential that offer equal parts comfort, protection, and support. A semi-low rise for no-show wear.

Meet the Boxer, the queen of comfort. This ready-to-wear classic will see you from the sheets to the streets, and keep you dry and protected all day long.

For those days you need a little bit protection, but a whole lot of comfort. The Engineered Thong is unseen but powerful, because you deserve to period in style.

Our bikini is designed with a low waist and high cut leg, making them the perfect less coverage period panty.

Inspired by the beaches of Brazil, this high-performer will keep you worry-free and protected on your light flow days. Go cheeky and period in style with this well-loved favourite.

Sleep through a storm (or flood) with these powerful period panties. Enforced with our highest absorbency level, an extended gusset, and extra front-to-back coverage.

Empowering young minds with comfort and confidence from the first drop. With beginner-friendly protection that follows them from school, to gym class, and back home again.

While you’re patiently waiting, we´ll support you though life’s little (or heavy) leaks. With a soft belly-cover and integrated panels, for under-tummy and lower back support.

2. Find your absorbency level

From light to heavy flow, our period panties offer various absorbency levels.

Mini and Light are perfect for lighter days, at the beginning or end of your period. Mini offer reliable coverage when a panty liner would suffice.

Medium and Mid-High are ideal for steady days in the middle of your period. Equivalent to changing regular pads or tampons every four hours or three times a day.

High and Super absorbency levels are designed for heavy flows, equivalent to changing a regular pad or tampon five times a day. Experience our most extensive protection throughout your period.

3. Find your size

We recommend choosing your usual size. Our period-proof panties are designed to initially feel snug and then relax with washing and wear, ensuring the perfect fit. Sizes range from XS-3XL for women and 134-170 cm for teens.

See our size guide here.

4. Find your color

Express your individuality even during your period with our diverse range of colours. From vibrant and colourful options to classic hues, we value your unique style. No more worries about staining, as our gussets are always black. Choose the colour you love without compromising comfort and protection.