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Female Engineering® is a Swedish femtech brand that uses science to find innovative solutions to women’s real needs. We believe that magic happens when creativity and technology collide. Through our scientists, creators and innovative partners, we’re on a mission to improve everyday life for each and every person with a female body.

The result is a wide range of science-based products for all stages of life – with even more to come. With us you’ll get top notch femtech bodywear and the most delicate intimate care. Next-gen period panties for both women and teens, perfume-free moisturisers for your vulva, supportive maternity underwear and multi-purpose accessories. We’re constantly moving forward with our development of femtech. But with progress comes responsibility, so everything we do has humanity and Mother Earth in mind.

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What is Femtech?

In many cases femtech is about software, apps and technological products developed for women’s health and wellbeing. But to us, it means so much more. We believe that femtech is about real people, and their real needs. A human solution – where science and engineering are crucial towards our goal of reinventing female freedom.

It might sound like science fiction, but it’s not. It’s science, period. We’ve already started the journey. By combining our knowledge with innovation, we’ve set the course towards a future where female products can be a change-maker in women’s lives.

Online we’re open around the clock, but you can also find us in selected Lindex stores. Find the one nearest to you below.

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Female Engineering