Find you absorbency level

No one bleeds like you.

From having your period arrive like clockwork, to avoiding white couches because you never know when it's time. Then getting the light spotting you barely notice, the heavy flow that keeps your mind occupied – and everything in between.

Your body is unique, and so is your period. That's why our period panties come in six different absorbency levels. So you can find the perfect match for your flow.

Find your absorbency level

Mini and Light
Perfect for lighter days, at the beginning or end of your period. Mini offer reliable coverage when a panty liner would suffice.

Medium and Mid-high
Ideal for steady days in the middle of your period. Equivalent to changing regular pads or tampons every four hours or three times a day.

High and Super
Our most extensive protection, designed for heavy flows. Equivalent to changing a regular pad or tampon five times a day.

Did you know?
Many people choose a higher absorbency level than necessary. No need. Go for the same as you would with other period protection and you can trust our period panties to do the job.

Get a good night's sleep – while you bleed

You can sleep in all our period panties – the right absorbency for your flow is all you need to keep your periods safe day and night. But for days when you have that really heavy flow and a need to feel extra secure, our sleep range got you covered. Literally. With the extended gusset that goes higher in the front and the back and the highest absorbency level, these styles have everything need to feel safe and comfortable through the night.

The importance of the fit

Making a period panty that is a trustworthy companion in your everyday life, is not just about the absorbency levels. Preventing leakage is also about the fit. How it hugs your body, secures the position of the underwear and makes sure that the gusset stays in its place.

And we have put our period panties to the test, for several years before it first hit the market. Every product goes through extensive weartrials, on women with different body types, sizes and flows. All to make sure that our period panty stays in place and keeps you safe, while you bleed.