Wash and care

Our period panties are designed to be used again and again. And washing them is easy. Here's how it works.

Wear, wash, and wear again.
Female Engineering laundry

Simple right?

You wear, you wash, you wear again. And yes, you can wash your period panties with the rest of your clothes.


Do I need to change the period panty during the day?

Our period panties have gone through extensive testing and can be worn for up to ten hours. In case you go for a higher absorbency level than your current flow, it can often be worn for even longer. So, there is usually no need to change your period panty during the day. You just put it on in the morning and change it before the night.

But in case you find yourself having an extra long day or needing to change your period panty when your are out and about, our on-the-go-pouch is the perfect storage for your used period panty.