Period panties for teens

Starting out your period journey can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Gone are worries about leaks and the hassle of changing period protection between classes. Our teen period panties are specially made for young menstruators. They're super comfy, invisible underneath clothes, and provide dry and safe all-day protection. At school, at home, and during sports activities – they're a trustworthy companion.

No more period shame.

We believe in everyone's right to do and become what they want without any drawback because of their biological function. That’s why Female Engineering was created – to make everyday life better for women and girls by finding solutions to real needs. And to talk more about periods.

How the period panty works

Our period panties come with built-in protection that absorbs your menstrual blood, prevents leaks, controls smell, and wicks moisture. The secret is the Engineered Leak Tech™ – a patented technology consisting of three active layers.

"Now I can attend gym class without worrying about menstruation."

-Jasmine N, 12

How to talk to your teen about periods

Talking about periods with your teenager gives them a better understanding of their body and what’s to come.

How to build your teen's period panty wardrobe

Our period panties come in differents styles, colours and absorbency levels. We are here to guide you through it all.

What happens in the body during puberty?

Going through puberty is a transformative time in life – and it's more than just the period.

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