Period Underwear for Teens

The first period matters. Give it the protection it deserves with underwear specially designed for girls and young women.   

Built-in period protection.

Our period-proof panties are a trustworthy companion in your everyday life. They absorb menstruation blood, prevent leaks, control smell and wick moisture. So you can stay comfy and dry through both easy days and the heavier ones. All made possible thanks to the innovative three layer technology – the patented Engineered Leak Tech™ that is integrated in the gusset. The panties come in a wide range of sizes, models and absorbency levels so you can easily find your perfect match.

Wear, wash, and wear again.

Wear, wash, and wear again.

These panties are here to stay. Literally. Just like your regular underwear they are designed to be worn again and again. Wear them for up to ten hours then rinse, wash and wear again. And if you handle them with care, they will last for years. A win for everyone with a female body, and for Mother Nature.