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Finding that perfect gift for someone special can be quite tricky, we know. Whether it’s a first period present, something for the baby shower, Christmas present, or something thoughtful for her birthday. A pair of period panties is a smart gift for the girl who has it all. From boxers to high waist and everything in between – think outside the gift box and give her the freedom that comes with a worry-free period. Period.

First period present

Say sayonara to the stigmas surrounding periods and treat her to a stylish pair of period panties.

Period pouch

Because period-panties also deserve to travel with style. To that friend who’s always on the move.

To the fashionista

Invisible comfort and protection in one. Some call them super heroes. We simply call them period panties.

To the active

Non-negotiable style and smart storage in one. Let us introduce the raddest gym bag in town.

To the comfy

Upgrading top drawers since period one. Our boxers are designed with highest comfort and supreme protection.

To the ambitious

We’re raising the bar with these high waisted undies. Top-notch protection and carefree comfort in one.

To the teen

Go with the flow and treat your teen to the protection she deserves. Because the first period matters.

To the vulvas

Treat yourself (and your vagina) to some well-deserved me-time. Because you both deserve it.